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Tinubu announces creation of Livestock Development Ministry



In a decisive move to address the escalating farmer-herder crisis, President Bola Tinubu has announced the creation of a Federal Ministry of Livestock Development. This landmark decision comes at a critical time, as tensions between farmers and herders continue to impact communities across the nation. The new ministry is set to play a pivotal role in fostering peace and promoting sustainable livestock management.

This bold initiative follows President Tinubu’s earlier announcement in September 2023, where he outlined plans to secure land for ranches and livestock production. The establishment of the Federal Ministry of Livestock Development is a significant step towards implementing these plans, aiming to create structured and sustainable livestock farming systems. This move is expected to reduce conflicts and enhance the productivity of the agricultural sector.

President Tinubu emphasized that the creation of the ministry is part of the Federal Government’s comprehensive strategy to resolve the longstanding farmer-herder crisis. “We are committed to finding lasting solutions that will benefit both farmers and herders, ensuring peace, prosperity, and food security for our nation,” Tinubu stated. The ministry will focus on policy development, resource allocation, and support for modern livestock farming practices.

The announcement has been met with widespread approval from stakeholders in the agricultural sector, who see it as a crucial step towards ending the conflicts that have plagued rural communities for years. As the Federal Ministry of Livestock Development begins its work, the nation watches with hope and anticipation, eager to see the positive changes that this forward-thinking initiative will bring.