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Nigeria reveal 7 proposed new states for 2024: Full List Revealed



President Bola Tinubu’s Administration Pushes for Seven New States

In a landmark move, Nigeria’s 10th National Assembly spearheads a groundbreaking constitutional amendment, proposing seven new states across the country. Led by President Bola Tinubu, this initiative marks a significant shift in governance, aiming to set records unseen since the military era.


1.  Oke-Ogun State: Carved from Oyo State, comprising 12 local government areas.

2. Ijebu State:  Planned from Ogun State, encompassing nine strategic local government areas.

3. Ife-Ijesha State:  Proposed from Osun State, featuring nine distinctive local government areas.

4. Adada State:  Advancing in Enugu North, with six local government areas slated.

5. Etiti State:  Spanning across the Southeast, integrating regions from Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra, Abia, and Imo.

6. Orlu State:  Envisioned with 28 local government areas in the Southeast.

7. Anioma State:  Strategically designed with nine local government areas to enhance regional governance.

These proposed states promise to reshape Nigeria’s political landscape, underlining President Tinubu’s commitment to national development and legacy-building, with projects like the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway and local government autonomy initiatives.