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Ado Bayero was never Emir of Kano – Gov Yusuf’s spokesman



In a bold statement stirring fresh debate, Sanusi Bature, Chief Press Secretary to Governor Abba Yusuf of Kano State, has asserted that Aminu Ado Bayero was never the true Emir of Kano. This declaration comes amid ongoing disputes over the legitimacy of Bayero’s position and the integrity of the historic Kano Emirate.

Appearing on Arise Television, Bature accused former Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of appointing Bayero as Emir of only the eight metropolitan local governments of Kano city, rather than the entire traditional Kano Emirate. He argued that this move was part of Ganduje’s efforts to politicize and undermine the emirate’s centuries-old heritage.

“The Emirate of Kano predates Nigeria, with over a thousand years of history under one Emir,” Bature emphasized. “The previous administration’s actions diluted this legacy by introducing divisive politics.”

Governor Yusuf’s administration, Bature explained, aims to restore the emirate’s former glory by unifying it under one leadership, reversing Ganduje’s 2019 Emirate law, and reinstating Muhammed Sanusi as the rightful Emir of Kano. Sanusi, who was deposed by Ganduje, has since returned to Kano following the repeal of the controversial law.

In contrast, Aminu Ado Bayero, whom Bature claims was only ever Emir of the metropolitan districts, continues to contest his removal in court. Despite being deposed, Bayero has refused to vacate his Nassarawa palace, further fueling the legal and political drama.

“The Emirate Aminu served no longer exists under the new unified structure,” Bature declared. “His role was confined to the eight metropolitan areas, not the full jurisdiction of Kano’s 44 local governments.”

The reinstatement of Sanusi and the consolidation of the emirate under one rule mark significant steps in Governor Yusuf’s campaign to depoliticize the emirate and honor its storied past. However, Bayero’s legal challenge and his refusal to leave the palace suggest that the controversy is far from over.

This ongoing saga highlights the deep-seated tensions within Kano’s political and traditional systems, as both sides grapple with the emirate’s future and its place in modern Nigeria.