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No plan to dump Peter Obi as presidential candidate – Labour Party



Rumors circulating about potential changes in the Labour Party’s presidential candidacy for 2027 have been vehemently refuted by the party’s Directorate on Mobilization and Integration. Speculation arose following reports of reconciliatory talks with the Lamidi Apapa-led faction, suggesting a shift away from Peter Obi.

In response, the Directorate clarified that while efforts towards party unity are underway, no agreements have been made to alter the candidacy for the upcoming election. Director General Marcel Ngogbehei, alongside spokespersons Ambassador Aju Elumelu and Sheikh Rufai Al-Saddiq, emphasized the party’s unwavering support for Peter Obi. They reaffirmed that the recently established directorate aims to foster reconciliation and bolster support for Obi’s campaign, dismissing any contrary claims as misinformed and aimed at sowing discord within the party.

Labour Party’s stance underscores its dedication to internal cohesion and its endorsement of Peter Obi as the presidential hopeful for 2027, highlighting ongoing efforts to consolidate support across all party factions.