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Cholera: Lab Analysts urge immediate deploy of health personnel for water testing



Laboratory analysts from the Society of Testing Laboratory Analysts of Nigeria (SoTLAN) have raised urgent concerns over the escalating cholera outbreak in Lagos and Ogun states. They have called on government authorities at all levels to take immediate action by deploying Public Analysts for comprehensive water quality testing in the affected regions.

In a statement, SoTLAN President Olugbenga Ogunmoyela stressed the critical need for proper sampling and testing of water and sanitation outlets. He emphasized that such measures are vital for identifying contamination sources and implementing effective control strategies. “Mobilizing Public Analysts to conduct thorough testing of wells, boreholes, and municipal supplies is essential to address this public health crisis,” Ogunmoyela stated.

The analysts pointed to a lack of public awareness about the causes and prevention of cholera as a significant factor contributing to the outbreak’s severity. They urged prompt government action to engage licensed Public Analysts who can provide the necessary expertise to mitigate the outbreak and prevent future occurrences.

Osun State Remains Cholera-Free, Says Government

Meanwhile, the Osun State government has declared that it has not recorded any cholera cases. Dr. Adekunle Akindele, Special Adviser to Governor Ademola Adeleke on Health Matters, reported that all 13 samples collected in the state tested negative for cholera. The state has reactivated its Public Health Rapid Response Team and Cholera Technical Working Group to maintain vigilant surveillance and risk communication.

Warning Against Misuse of Healthcare Funds

Former Osun State lawmaker Olatunbosun Oyintiloye has cautioned state governors against diverting funds allocated for the rehabilitation of primary healthcare centers (PHCs). President Bola Tinubu recently released N260 billion to revitalize PHCs nationwide. Oyintiloye praised the president’s initiative but expressed concern about potential fund mismanagement during this critical period.

“Ensuring these funds are used appropriately is crucial to improve healthcare infrastructure and address the cholera outbreak effectively,” Oyintiloye stated.

A Call to Action

As the cholera outbreak continues to affect Lagos and Ogun states, SoTLAN’s call for immediate water quality testing and public sensitization underscores the need for swift and decisive government action. Ensuring the engagement of qualified Public Analysts and the proper use of healthcare funds are vital steps in safeguarding public health and preventing further outbreaks.