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Nigerian Government Announces Raise In Electricity Tariffs



The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has just greenlit a significant increase in electricity tariffs for Band A customers. As rates soar from N66 to a staggering N225 per kilowatt-hour.

During a high-octane press briefing in Abuja, Vice Chairman Musliu Oseni announced the impending surge in tariffs. NERC’s bold decision also entails slashing Band A feeders from 800 to under 500, impacting a whopping 17% of consumers.

With only 15% of total electricity customers connected to these feeders, the shockwaves of this tariff hike are set to ripple across the nation. Dubbed the ‘April Supplementary Order,’ NERC’s move promises to revolutionize the electricity landscape with a 235 kilowatt per hour allowance.