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Wanted Delta King Surrenders – Soldiers’ Deaths Investigation



Ikolo Clement, the newly crowned King of Ewu kingdom, has surrendered himself to authorities after being declared wanted by the Nigerian military. Clement, along with other suspects, was sought in connection with the tragic killing of 17 soldiers in Okuama Community.

Among those still wanted is Akevwru Daniel Omotegbono, known as Amagbein, a suspected militant leader. The list of wanted individuals includes prominent figures like Prof Ekpekpo Arthur, president-general of Ewu, and Reuben Baru, whose viral video confession shocked the nation. Igoli Ebi, allegedly the mother of one of the suspects, adds a twist to the unfolding saga.

With the likes of Atata Malaw David and Sinclear Oliki suspected to be part of Amagbein’s gang, the search intensifies.