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US Charges KuCoin Founders in Crypto Money Laundering Case



In a significant development rocking the cryptocurrency realm, KuCoin and its founders, Chun Gan and Ke Tang, are embroiled in legal turmoil. The United States Government has leveled serious accusations against the exchange, alleging involvement in a sprawling multibillion-dollar criminal conspiracy.

The indictment, revealed through a press release from the United States Southern District of New York, has sent shockwaves throughout the industry. US Attorney Damian Willians and Homeland Security Investigations New York Field Office head, Darren McCormack, jointly announced the charges, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

According to court documents, KuCoin is accused of disregarding anti-money laundering laws and leveraging its substantial US user base to ascend to the upper echelons of cryptocurrency exchanges. Attorney Williams emphasized that the exchange intentionally obscured crucial information, including the true extent of its American clientele.

As KuCoin navigates the legal challenges ahead, the future of the exchange and its founders remains uncertain.