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Navy Stops Oil Theft: Seizes 15,500 Litres of PMS Heading to Cameroon



In a swift and decisive operation, the Nigerian Navy’s Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Ibaka, Akwa Ibom, intercepts a vessel attempting to smuggle 15,500 liters of suspected Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) to Cameroon.

Captain Uche Aneke, leading the charge, reveals the successful apprehension of a suspected oil thief under the cover of darkness. The culprit and contraband are now in custody, ensuring justice prevails.

Sending a stern warning to would-be criminals, the Nigerian Navy asserts its commitment to safeguarding the nation’s waters. With cutting-edge surveillance and relentless determination, illegal activities will not go unchecked.

As the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) takes over the case, anticipation mounts for the unfolding investigation. Stay tuned for updates on this daring maritime intervention.