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Abuja: NDLEA Raids Cocaine and Heroin Syndicate, Apprehends 4



In a daring weekend operation, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) special unit swooped down on a notorious cocaine syndicate, shaking Abuja’s underworld. Three kingpins, including Nnajiofor Celestine and Okoro Chigozie, were apprehended in a dramatic hotel raid, with a staggering 718 grams of cocaine seized.

But the bust didn’t stop there. A subsequent search of Chigozie’s residence unearthed a treasure trove: 19 blocks of Arizona cannabis, weighing 9.823kg, alongside a hefty sum of cash and property documents. The underworld’s empire was crumbling.

Not content with one victory, NDLEA’s relentless pursuit continued into Nasarawa State, where Celestine’s fortress was breached, leading to the arrest of his accomplice girlfriend and the seizure of more illicit substances.

Across state borders, NDLEA’s crackdown echoed loudly. Massive raids in Lagos, Edo, and Ondo resulted in the confiscation of a jaw-dropping 44.9 tonnes of illicit drugs and the capture of eight high-profile suspects. The agency’s message is clear: no corner of the nation is beyond their reach. The war against drugs rages on, and NDLEA stands at the frontline, unwavering in their mission to purge Nigeria of this scourge.