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Tinubu Firm: Release of Kuriga Schoolchildren Won’t Deter Us



In a resolute stand against terrorism, President Bola Tinubu hails the successful rescue of abducted schoolchildren in Kuriga, Kaduna State. Promising unwavering commitment, Tinubu asserts his government’s determination to crush terrorism, insurgency, and extremism.

Emphasizing the power of collaboration, Tinubu underscores the significance of inter-governmental coordination in ensuring security. Praising the National Security Adviser, Security Agencies, and the Kaduna State Government for their prompt and meticulous efforts, Tinubu highlights the crucial role of urgency and dedication in achieving positive outcomes in such crises.

Celebrating the release of pupils from Tsangaya school in Sokoto State as well, Tinubu extends gratitude to all involved parties for their efforts. With a firm pledge to safeguard schools as havens of education, Tinubu reassures Nigerians that detailed strategies are in place to prevent further abductions and maintain safety in educational institutions.

Amidst challenges, President Tinubu’s administration stands firm, unwavering in its resolve to protect the nation’s youth and secure a brighter future for all.