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Cleric Calls Christians To Embrace Spirit Of Sacrifice This Palm Sunday



In a stirring sermon that resonated with worshippers at Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish, Utako, Abuja, Rev. Fr. Sebastian Sanni delivered a powerful message on Palm Sunday, emphasizing the urgent need for Nigerians to embrace the spirit of sacrifice and love in the face of national challenges.

Amidst the solemn atmosphere of Palm Sunday, Fr. Sebastian passionately called for unity and selflessness as essential virtues for overcoming the hurdles confronting Nigeria. “Our nation’s path to progress lies in the collective embrace of sacrifice,” he proclaimed, his words echoing through the pews.

As Christians across the globe commemorate the onset of Holy Week, Fr. Sebastian reminded the congregation of the profound significance of the season. “Palm Sunday heralds not just the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem but also serves as a reminder of our duty to spread love and peace,” he explained, his voice infused with conviction.

Drawing from the symbolism of palm branches, Fr. Sebastian urged both leaders and citizens alike to emulate the humility and selflessness exemplified by Jesus Christ. “Let us build a kingdom of peace and victory, where love and sacrifice reign supreme,” he implored, his words igniting a fervent resolve among the faithful.

In a nation grappling with multifaceted challenges, Fr. Sebastian’s call to action resonated deeply, serving as a beacon of hope amidst uncertainty. His impassioned plea for a renewal of spirit and commitment to service echoed far beyond the walls of the church, stirring hearts and minds across the nation.

As Nigeria navigates its path forward, Fr. Sebastian’s message serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of sacrifice and love—a timeless beacon of hope lighting the way toward a brighter tomorrow.