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Lassa Fever Outbreak Hits Delta: 4 LGAs Confirmed



In a startling development, the Delta State Government has sounded the alarm over a Lassa fever outbreak in several local government areas. Confirming the grim reality, state Health Commissioner Dr. Joseph Onojaeme addressed reporters in Asaba, urging residents to take immediate action.

With four cases already confirmed, authorities are racing against time to contain the spread. Urging cleanliness and vigilance, Dr. Onojaeme stressed the importance of preventing rat infestations, the carriers of this deadly virus.

In a bid to combat the outbreak, Emergency Operation Centres have been set up across the state, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring and dissemination of crucial information. Collaboration with neighboring states and specialized hospitals is underway to expedite testing and treatment.

Dr. Mildred Igumbor, the state epidemiologist, emphasized the urgency of the situation, calling for a united front against the disease. Every fever case must be treated with suspicion, she warned, urging individuals to seek medical attention promptly.

To bolster response efforts, the state has equipped the Federal Medical Centre in Asaba with an isolation center, ready to handle confirmed cases. With rapid testing now available within 24 hours, authorities are determined to curb the outbreak before it escalates further.

As Delta State braces for this health emergency, collective action and heightened awareness are crucial to stem the tide of Lassa fever.

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