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I’ve embraced the African dream, now onto the American one – Davido



Nigerian sensation Davido, also known as David Adeleke, has his sights firmly set on conquering the global music scene, announcing a shift towards his American dream. With Africa under his belt, the ‘OBO’ maestro aims to collaborate with talents worldwide, spreading his infectious beats and creativity across borders.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Davido revealed his ambitious plans, working on not one but two albums, tailored for both African and American audiences. “I want to drop this album by the grace of God. Hopefully, we get to hit No. 1,” he expressed, highlighting his desire to share his musical prowess with a broader spectrum of artists.

Reflecting on his journey, Davido shared insights into his deep-rooted connection with Atlanta artists, having spent formative years in the vibrant city. “I think I connect with Atlanta artists, especially having lived there for about four, five years,” he noted, emphasizing his ties with icons like Young Thug and Gunna, with whom he shares a longstanding camaraderie.

Born in Atlanta and raised in Nigeria, Davido’s transcontinental upbringing infuses his music with a unique blend of cultural influences, captivating audiences worldwide. As he sets his sights on the American dream, Davido’s journey promises to be a symphony of success, bridging continents through the universal language of music.