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social media is a realm where expertise in foolishness doesn’t require formal education– AY Makun



In a bold declaration, Nigerian comedy icon AY Makun has delivered a scathing critique of the modern landscape of social media, likening it to a realm where ignorance reigns supreme and foolishness is crowned king.

Speaking out against the alarming trend of prioritizing emotions over factual accuracy, AY lamented the spectacle of individuals gaining praise for pandering to popular sentiments while wise voices are persecuted for daring to challenge the status quo.

“Social media has become the playground of fools, where ignorance is not just tolerated but celebrated,” AY remarked, highlighting the unsettling reality where formal education takes a backseat to unabashed foolishness.

With a touch of irony, AY observed how many proudly wear their ignorance as a badge of honor, relying solely on visceral reactions to navigate the digital domain. Yet, he emphasized the importance of recognizing and accepting foolishness within communities, even as it permeates every stratum of society.

However, AY cautioned against the perils of indulging in sensationalism and negative content merely for fleeting entertainment, urging accountability for the emotional toll inflicted upon unsuspecting audiences.

As social media continues to evolve into a battleground of competing egos and outrageous antics, AY’s sobering words serve as a timely reminder of the responsibility each user bears in shaping the online narrative. For in the pursuit of likes and shares, the true cost of foolishness may prove to be far greater than anticipated.