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MI Abaga Exposes Shocking Trend: Rising Drug Use Among Artists Due To Rejection



In a candid revelation, Nigerian rap icon MI Abaga, renowned as Jude Abaga, unearths the silent struggles rampant within the entertainment domain. In an exclusive interview, he sheds light on the harrowing reality that mental health issues plague a significant portion of creatives, attributing this epidemic to the relentless rollercoaster of rejection and despondency.

MI Abaga elucidates, “Creatives are navigating a treacherous landscape fraught with rejection and hopelessness. Despite our successes, the shadows of negativity loom large, pushing many towards the perilous path of substance abuse.”

His concerns resonate deeper as he underscores the dire need for a unified effort to support artists grappling with mental health challenges. “We cannot turn a blind eye to this crisis. It’s imperative that we rally together to extend a helping hand to our brethren in the creative realm,” he asserts passionately.

Beyond mere acknowledgment, MI Abaga advocates for a structural overhaul within the entertainment industry, advocating for decentralization as a catalyst for growth and resilience. Drawing parallels with global counterparts like the United States and the United Kingdom, he emphasizes the potential for burgeoning hubs beyond Lagos, pinpointing Plateau State as a promising frontier for development.

As MI Abaga takes strides to initiate change, his resolve to foster a nurturing environment for artists shines through. With his roots firmly planted in Jos, he embarks on a journey to pay it forward, signaling a beacon of hope for a brighter, more inclusive future in Nigerian entertainment.