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Catholic Church Urges Gov’t: Ensure Nigerians Receive Palliatives



In a powerful statement, the Catholic Church, led by Archbishop Gabriel Leke Abegunrin of Ibadan, called on the Federal Government to rethink its approach to aiding citizens. Rather than merely distributing palliatives to a select few, Archbishop Abegunrin proposed a more impactful solution: subsidizing essential food items to ensure accessibility for all.

Speaking at the Justice, Development and Peace Commission in Ibadan, Abegunrin emphasized the necessity for a fairer welfare system. He voiced concerns over the alleged misallocation of palliatives and urged for transparent fund allocation aimed at benefiting every citizen, rather than succumbing to political bickering.

Joined by fellow church officials, Archbishop Abegunrin underscored the economic strains exacerbated by recent policies, such as the mandatory linkage of Bank Verification Number (BVN) and National Identification Number (NIN). He called for government measures aimed at alleviating citizens’ distress rather than adding to it.

Furthermore, the Archbishop condemned the government’s handling of the escalating security challenges, accusing them of negligence in addressing the root causes of banditry and kidnapping. He stressed the urgency of implementing robust security measures to prevent vigilantism within communities.

Additionally, the Catholic Church reiterated its longstanding call for the return of schools to their original owners, citing their proven track record of academic excellence as a potential boon to the state’s education system.

The Church’s stance reflects a growing demand for substantive, systemic change in governance and social welfare policies, resonating deeply with many Nigerians seeking tangible solutions to pressing issues.