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Shettima: We Will Reap Bountiful Harvests in the Coming Months



Amidst economic challenges, VP Shettima assures Nigerians of imminent prosperity during Ramadan Iftar gathering hosted by President Tinubu.

In a spirited call to action, VP Shettima rallies officials around President Tinubu’s vision for national revival, emphasizing unity and commitment in navigating Nigeria toward sustained growth.

Addressing the nation’s leaders, Shettima emphasizes President Tinubu’s steadfast leadership, urging support and solidarity during challenging times. As Ramadan fosters forgiveness and generosity, he echoes optimism for a bright future, promising a turnaround in the economy with bountiful harvests on the horizon.

In a show of gratitude, officials express appreciation to President Tinubu for his hospitality, offering prayers for his leadership and the nation’s prosperity.

With hope in their hearts and determination in their actions, Nigeria’s leaders unite, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.