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Wife Denies Affair ‘Nobody touched me’, As Husband Shocks Over Son’s DNA Result



In a jaw-dropping revelation that has stunned the nation, Stephen Moses has come forward to share his harrowing journey of paternity betrayal. The bombshell dropped when paternity tests unveiled that he is not the biological father of his beloved two-year-old son.

Speaking out on the hit television show, The Justice Court, Moses poured his heart out, recounting the agonizing moment when he discovered his son’s sickle cell genotype didn’t match his own. Despite his AA genotype, his son, Teri-Oluwa, battles with an SS genotype, leading Moses down a rabbit hole of disbelief and despair.

“I’m still reeling from the shock,” Moses confessed, his voice trembling with emotion. “We got married, we welcomed our son into the world, and then this bombshell hits us.”

With tears in his eyes, Moses revealed the painful journey of costly hospital visits and the heartache of watching his son suffer. Amidst the turmoil, he embarked on a quest for truth, leading to the revelation of his son’s true parentage through two separate DNA tests.

But the drama didn’t end there. Moses found himself ensnared in a web of accusations from his in-laws, who claimed he neglected his paternal duties. And as if ripped from a soap opera script, the possibility of a baby swap at birth was dismissed by Moses, who vividly recalls being present in the delivery room.

However, amidst the chaos, Moses’s wife broke her silence, acknowledging the truth of his claims while vehemently denying the DNA results. In a startling twist, she revealed a tumultuous saga of marital strife, citing Moses’s failure to communicate his suspicions before pursuing DNA testing.