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Ezekwesili: Nigeria Needs Restructuring to Enhance Efficiency



In a heartfelt symposium celebrating his 70th birthday, Pastor Chinedu Ezekwesili of RCCG’s Everlasting Arms Parish (TEAP) in Abuja revealed his profound dream for Nigeria’s future.

With passion in his voice, Pastor Ezekwesili expressed his desire to witness a Nigeria transformed into the nation it was destined to be—a land of opportunity and prosperity for all its citizens. He likened Nigeria to a troubled house, emphasizing the urgent need for restructuring to correct its deep-rooted issues.

“As I celebrate seven decades of life, my dream is to see Nigeria flourish under a new framework that serves every Nigerian,” the pastor declared, echoing the sentiments of many who long for a brighter future.

Joined by esteemed guests including Pastor Tunde Bakare, the atmosphere was charged with hope and determination.
Pastor Bakare, reflecting on the journey of Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, highlighted the unwavering support of her husband, Pastor Chinedu, throughout her fearless pursuit of justice and reform.

In his closing remarks, Pastor Ezekwesili urged the younger generation to embrace peace, rejecting the path of conflict that only leads to despair and destruction.
He called for visionary leadership to steer Nigeria towards its divine destiny—a nation of unity, progress, and boundless opportunity.

As Pastor Ezekwesili blows out the candles on his milestone birthday cake, his vision for a restructured Nigeria burns brighter than ever, igniting hearts and minds across the nation.