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Broda Shaggi: My Wedding Won’t Be Extravagance But Simple



In a candid conversation with actress Iyabo Ojo, beloved skit maker and actor Samuel Animashaun Perry, famously known as Broda Shaggi, disclosed his stance on marriage and weddings, asserting his preference for privacy over pomp.

The comedic virtuoso expressed his aversion to extravagant weddings, emphasizing his commitment to keeping his personal life shielded from the public eye. “I am not a fan of big weddings,” he stated emphatically, underscoring his belief in the sanctity of privacy. “Even if I’m going to get married, I’m not a fan of big weddings. I keep my personal life out of the social media space because it’s very important to me and I just want to protect it.”

Broda Shaggi, known for his hilarious skits and rib-tickling performances, also shed light on his approach to marriage, asserting that he won’t succumb to societal pressures. “But I believe in love. I believe in one-man-one-woman type of love. I believe in family. I believe in raising my own kids,” he declared, echoing timeless values amidst a fast-paced world.

Despite his firm convictions, the 30-year-old entertainer assured fans that he envisions a future filled with love and familial bliss, albeit not in the immediate future. “I’m going to have my own family by God’s grace but not very soon. There’s nothing like getting old. I do tell people, you don’t need to rush into marriage,” he shared, offering sage advice garnered from personal reflection.

Hailing from the historic town of Sagamu in Ogun State, Broda Shaggi’s affinity for acting was instilled in him from a tender age by his late father, a drama teacher whose legacy continues to inspire him. Rising to prominence in 2019 for his witty and incisive portrayals, Broda Shaggi has captivated audiences with his unique brand of humor, earning a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

As he navigates the realms of fame and fortune, Broda Shaggi remains steadfast in his commitment to authenticity and integrity, carving out a niche as one of Nigeria’s most beloved entertainers while staying true to his roots and values.