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Nigeria has become a vast expanse of ceaseless bloodshed, Oby Ezekwesili warns.



Former Education Minister, Oby Ezekwesili, issued a heartfelt cry on Friday as she condemned the relentless wave of violence sweeping across Nigeria.

In a passionate plea, Ezekwesili described Nigeria as a nation engulfed in darkness, where innocent lives are being mercilessly snuffed out, leaving behind only mass graves and shattered families.

Taking to X to share her anguish, the former minister highlighted the urgent battle for Nigeria’s very essence.

Ezekwesili declared, ‘We are witnessing a brutal war for the Soul of Nigeria, where our streets are stained with the blood of the innocent—children, youth, women, and men—all falling victim to senseless violence without any semblance of justice.’

Calling for unity across all divides, she urged, ‘Every Nigerian, irrespective of tribe, religion, or political affiliation, must acknowledge that the Nigeria we once cherished is slipping away.’

With a fervent plea for action, Ezekwesili stressed the need for a mandated National Conversation, where Nigerians can collectively redefine the value of human life and chart a new course for the nation’s future.

She warned, ‘History teaches us that nations crumble when the sanctity of life is no longer respected. Nigeria stands at this precipice, but together, we have the power to rewrite our destiny.’

In a stirring call to arms, Ezekwesili rallied her fellow citizens, saying, ‘Let us unite to confront the forces that threaten to derail our nation’s promise. Together, we can reclaim Nigeria’s greatness and forge a brighter tomorrow for all.’

As Nigeria grapples with its darkest hour, Ezekwesili’s impassioned plea serves as a beacon of hope, urging the nation to rise above the chaos and build a future where every life is valued and cherished.