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Man Arrested for Allegedly Murdering Lover’s Husband in Adamawa



In a tragic turn of events, a love triangle spiraled out of control in Adamawa State, resulting in the death of Franchise Albert, the husband caught in the middle. Ishaya Markus, 35, stands accused of fatally stabbing Albert in a heated confrontation.

The story unfolds in Fufore LGA, where Albert’s wife, Libiyatu, confessed to an extramarital affair with Markus. Despite warnings from Albert, the affair persisted, fueling tensions within the household.

Libiyatu recounts a tumultuous journey, marked by confrontations with her husband and clandestine meetings with Markus. Even after attempts at reconciliation, Markus persisted in pursuing her.

On the fateful day of Albert’s death, Markus and Albert crossed paths, igniting a violent altercation. Both men brandished knives, leading to a bloody struggle that claimed Albert’s life.

SP Suleiman Ngurore of the Adamawa State Police assures the public of a thorough investigation into the matter. As the case unfolds, it serves as a chilling reminder of the consequences of passion and betrayal gone awry.