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Hardship: FG Takes Measures to Regulate Rising Food Prices



In a bid to combat the alarming rise in food prices across the nation, the federal government has announced its ambitious plan to establish a National Commodity Board. Revealed by Vice President Kashim Shettima during a high-level summit on climate change and food systems, this groundbreaking initiative aims to regulate food prices and ensure a strategic food reserve to stabilize essential grain costs.

During the event themed “Climate Resilience and Food Security: Nigeria’s Vision for the Future,” Senator Shettima underscored Nigeria’s commitment to addressing climate change’s impact on food security. He emphasized the government’s multi-pronged approach, including immediate interventions like fertilizer and grain distribution, as well as the long-term strategy of establishing the National Commodity Board to tackle price volatility.

Furthermore, the Vice President assured attendees of the administration’s dedication to land restoration, with plans to reclaim millions of hectares of degraded land as part of the AFR100 Initiative. Amid security challenges hindering farming activities, he pledged to engage security forces to safeguard farmers and farmlands, enabling them to work without fear of attacks.

The event, attended by various stakeholders including development partners and private investors, signals a concerted effort to generate positive outcomes in the battle against food insecurity. With the unveiling of the National Commodity Board, the government’s commitment to ensuring food affordability and availability takes a significant leap forward, promising hope for a more stable and prosperous future for all.