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Moses Bliss’s Fiancée Rocks Stylish Leg Chain, in Graduation Celebration Setting Social Media Abuzz!



Marie Wiseborn, the enchanting fiancée of Nigerian gospel sensation Moses Bliss, expressed her gratitude to Nigerians in a TikTok video.

The video showcased her appreciation for the overwhelming love she received during her engagement and graduation. In the clip, Marie, adorned in a Ghanaian kente attire, thanked the supportive fans, some of whom took notice of her leg chain and shared their thoughts in the comment section.

Moses Bliss had previously shared their love story and engagement on social media, garnering widespread joy. During her graduation ceremony, Marie donned the vibrant kente outfit, turning it into a sleeveless knee-length gown.

Adding an unexpected touch, she walked on stage wearing slippers, delivering her speech with scripture quotes from the podium, surprising many in attendance.