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Devastating Fire Ravages Lagos Marketplace, Consuming 450 Shops and 30 Offices, Hotels



In a devastating turn of events, more than 6,700 traders are now grappling with the aftermath of a fierce fire that engulfed a section of the iconic Mandilas building, a bustling marketplace on Lagos Island.

The blaze, which ignited around 11 am on Sunday, quickly devoured 450 shops, 30 offices (including law firms), two hotels, and five restaurants, leaving behind a trail of destruction. The Iyaloja of Atunwase International Market Mandilas General, Alhaja Adeniji Rashidat, lamented the loss of goods worth billions, highlighting the profound impact on the affected business owners.

The fire, believed to have originated from an alleged electric welding activity on the first floor of the Mandilas house, rapidly spread to nearby market stalls at Atunwase International Market.

Confirming the scale of displacement and destruction, Ibrahim Farinloye, the Coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in the South West, stated that around 6,700 traders were forced out of their businesses, with 450 shops, 30 offices, two hotels, and five restaurants razed to the ground.

Efforts to secure the scene involve the sealing of affected structures, with multiple agencies, including the Lagos State Safety Commission, Building Control Agency, Fire Services, Red Cross, Nigeria Police, Neighbourhood Watch, and local government authorities, collaborating to ensure the safety of both traders and the public.

The community is rallying together to navigate the aftermath of this tragic incident and support those affected in rebuilding their livelihoods.