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Dangote Refinery Secures Distributor Partnerships to Energize 150,000 Stations Across Nigeria!



Dangote Petroleum Refinery is set to revolutionize the fuel market with a groundbreaking deal inked with the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN).

In a move that could spell the end of the country’s persistent fuel scarcity issues, the refinery is gearing up to supply an impressive 150,000 IPMAN stations nationwide. Following successful negotiations, Eterna Plc has proudly announced its role as an authorized distributor for Dangote Petroleum Refinery’s cutting-edge products within the domestic market.

According to IPMAN President Abubakar Maigandi, the association is eagerly awaiting the refinery’s products to serve its 30,000 members and their 150,000 retail outlets, potentially transforming the fuel landscape as early as this January.

With whispers of Dangote Refinery hitting the market soon, optimism is high as production has commenced. Maigandi emphasized that once approval is granted, the refinery can swiftly start selling, offering hope for a seamless end to fuel scarcity. While pricing details remain undisclosed, there are indications that the cost might be slightly more affordable than the current market rates, promising a positive shift in the nation’s fuel dynamics.