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Tiwa Savage Shines in the Spotlight: Overflowing with Joy, As She Dives into Acting with Her Debut in ‘Water and Garri’



In a groundbreaking move, Tiwa Savage, the Nigerian singing sensation, has officially declared her foray into the world of Nollywood with the unveiling of her debut movie. Aptly titled ‘Water and Garri,’ the film is not only a cinematic venture but a passion project that the artist has dedicated over two years to bring to life.

In an exclusive revelation, the London-based singer shared that this cinematic journey has been the most adventurous and fulfilling endeavor of her life. Tiwa Savage, also known as a landlady in London, expressed her excitement about crossing over to the realm of acting.

The film, named after one of her hit songs, is poised to make waves globally, with screenings scheduled in over 240 countries and territories. Tiwa Savage proudly wears the hat of the executive producer for ‘Water and Garri,’ emphasizing her deep involvement and commitment to the project.

For fans and movie enthusiasts alike, Tiwa Savage’s cinematic debut is not just a movie release; it’s a seismic shift in the entertainment landscape, marking a new chapter for the multi-talented artist. Get ready for a visual feast as ‘Water and Garri’ promises to be a cinematic delight that transcends borders and cultures.