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I’m Alive, Well, and Unstoppable: Ngozi Ezeonu Confronts Death Rumors, Sends a Resounding Warning to Rumor Spreaders



Ngozi Ezeonu, the beloved Nollywood actress, found herself at the center of an internet storm when false reports of her demise began circulating like wildfire. However, she wasted no time setting the record straight.

In a captivating video posted on her official Instagram page, Ezeonu not only debunked the death rumors but also lashed out at those responsible for spreading misinformation. The actress revealed that a post mourning the loss of a close friend had been misconstrued, with her image being added to a candle, falsely suggesting her own demise.

Fired up and alive, Ezeonu sternly addressed the perpetrators, declaring, “I am alive and healthy, please.” The video triggered a wave of reactions from netizens, some of whom pointed fingers at her for the communication blunder.

But amidst the controversy, Ezeonu expressed gratitude to those who reached out to verify the story. She also took a moment to call out irresponsible journalism, urging reporters to refrain from publishing uncertain information.

“In journalism, when in doubt, leave it out,” she asserted, emphasizing the need for journalists to confirm stories before sharing. As she wrapped up the video, Ezeonu pondered the motivation behind such false reports in the new year, urging everyone to prioritize kindness over sensationalism.

The veteran actress left a powerful message resonating in the hearts of her fans, reminding us all that the truth should always prevail, especially in the fast-paced world of social media.”