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I was Bullied: Olaide Oyedeji Shares Her Journey and Motivations Behind Embracing Body Enhancement



In an exclusive chat on the popular Talk to B podcast hosted by fellow actress Biola Bayo, Nollywood sensation Olaide Oyedeji spills the tea on her journey to body perfection. The actress and content creator opens up about facing relentless bullying throughout her youth due to her natural physique, leading her to make the life-changing decision to undergo body enhancements at the tender age of 15.

Oyedeji, known for her sizzling skits and unapologetic confidence, sheds light on the uphill battle she faced, even post-surgery. Not one to shy away from the haters, she endured trolling even after becoming a mother, waiting until after childbirth to reclaim her body.

The starlet drops a bombshell, revealing that she went under the knife not once, but thrice, with surgeries performed both in Nigeria and the glamorous surgical hub of Turkey. The laundry list of enhancements includes liposuction, a chest lift, and the trendy Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

Despite the physical transformation, Oyedeji expresses frustration over the persistent online bullying she continues to face. Shockingly, the actress points out that a significant portion of the criticism comes from fellow women who shame her for achieving the coveted ‘perfect body.’

This unfiltered revelation sparks a conversation on the harsh reality of body image scrutiny in the age of social media. Olaide Oyedeji’s story is a powerful testament to the lengths some are willing to go to break free from societal standards and embrace their true selves.