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Majority of Paracetamol Sold in Nigeria Fails to Meet WHO Standards, According to Report



In a groundbreaking 2023 investigation titled ‘Comparative Analysis of Five Different Brands of Paracetamol Sold in Nigeria with British Pharmacopoeia Standards,’ it has been uncovered that almost all paracetamol tablets sold in Nigeria may be falling short of required standards. The study tested five different brands claiming 500mg potency, revealing concentrations ranging from 185mg to 358mg, well below the recommended 500mg limit.

Health experts express serious concerns over potential treatment failure due to these underdosed paracetamol tablets, urging increased attention to the issue. The researchers highlighted that the underdosing problem has been overlooked, possibly due to the misguided perception that it’s a safe practice.

The study’s findings question the efficacy of the widely-used pain reliever in Nigeria, suggesting that insufficient active ingredients in the tested tablets could be compromising its effectiveness. This revelation has broader implications on patient outcomes, potentially leading to polypharmacy and posing a significant financial burden on the healthcare system.

Published in the journal ‘Communication in Physical Sciences,’ the study underscores the urgent need for heightened awareness and regulatory measures to ensure the quality and efficacy of pharmaceuticals available to the public. The health risks associated with underdosed paracetamol extend beyond individual patients, impacting overall healthcare outcomes and imposing additional costs on the healthcare system.

Nigeria’s healthcare landscape faces a crucial turning point as authorities are urged to address this alarming issue and safeguard the well-being of the nation.”