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He was trembling like a baby: Tonto Dikeh Ignites the Internet with Reaction to Verydarkman’s Release



In a jaw-dropping move, the fearless Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has just dropped the hammer on social media influencer and human rights activist Very Dark Man (VDM). Hold onto your seats because this is one wild ride!

Tonto took to Instagram to spill the tea on VDM’s arrest, sharing a riveting series of posts that left netizens buzzing. The first post shows VDM signing documents at a police station surrounded by stern-faced officers, with Tonto captioning it, “Let it begin.” But that’s not all – the drama unfolds as another post reveals VDM sitting with his lawyer, accompanied by the caption, “When a child thinks he’s grown enough to talk to elders.”

But wait, there’s more! Tonto, unapologetically comparing herself to a lion strutting the wild with unmatched confidence, took to Instagram to spill the details. She described witnessing VDM, who boldly flexes online, deny his alleged crimes against her like a petulant child. Tonto expressed shock at his claim of not knowing about her son and not discussing him.

Unfazed by the online bravado, the determined actress vowed to take VDM down. In her words, “It’s safe to say I am fearless. Yesterday I witnessed a young man who had bullied his elders for too long and denied his crimes like a baby. I’m still shocked… When the smoke clears, charcoal still hot. Let it begin – it’s just day one.”

Buckle up, folks! Tonto Dikeh is on a mission, and it’s bound to be a fiery journey through the wild world of social media drama.