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Seaports Face Shutdown Threat as Maritime Workers Gear Up for Action from January 9



The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) is on the brink of a faceoff with International Oil Companies (IOCs) as they threaten to shut down the nation’s seaports starting January 9. This drastic measure comes in response to the alleged persistent disregard of existing laws by IOCs and stevedoring contractors despite numerous warnings and appeals from the union.

Led by Adewale Adeyanju, the MWUN has voiced strong dissatisfaction, citing a lack of compliance from IOCs regarding essential regulations. Despite a series of letters, press releases, ultimatums, and government notices that went unheeded, the union had given the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) a three-day ultimatum, beginning January 4, to address the issue. With the deadline looming, the MWUN asserts that should the NPA fail to act, they will take decisive action and proceed with the shutdown of seaports nationwide on January 9, 2024.