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Regina Daniels Shares: Ned Nwoko Questioned Whether I Would’ve Married Him If He Were a Mechanic



Nollywood star Regina Daniels recently shared a peek into her married life with a humorous twist. Taking to Instagram, she revealed an amusing conversation with her husband, Senator Ned Nwoko. He playfully asked if she would have married him had he been a mechanic.

Initially taken aback by the question, Regina took a beat before responding with a touch of wit. Recounting the moment, she shared, “So, my husband popped a common question about our union: ‘Would you still have married me if I were a mechanic?’ I burst into laughter. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to respond, but I quipped, ‘Where would you find me? When I show up to fix a car?’ Dim idiegwu.”

Regina and Ned tied the knot in 2019 and have since welcomed two sons, Munir and Khalifa.