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Discover the Affordable wonders of travelling abroad with just N2m!



Looking to move abroad without breaking the bank? Meet Dave, a Nigerian travel advisor with a budget-friendly plan. Forget the usual suspects like Canada and the US.

Dave spills the beans on overlooked gems in Europe. In a viral TikTok post, he reveals the scoop: Denmark, Norway, and Belgium, part of the Schengen crew, are not only picturesque but offer job opportunities too.

Dave, straight to the point, says you can kickstart your European adventure with just N2 million.

No kidding! His TikTok post breaks it down – Schengen visa? Only N79,000 or 80 Euros. Round-trip from Lagos to Denmark? A reasonable $1,115 or N999,000.

Despite Denmark’s language barrier, Dave sees promising job prospects there. Concerned about expenses? The Schengen visa, covering Denmark, Norway, and Belgium, costs just N79,000 or 80 Euros. And guess what? A round-trip ticket from Lagos to Denmark sits at $1,115 or N999,000.

A curious follower asks about options, and Dave’s got the lowdown. Belgium and Norway, also Schengen buddies, are in the mix for an affordable and exciting life abroad.

He does warn about a hiccup – the language barrier in Denmark. But with a Schengen visa, you can freely explore any Schengen country for 90 days.

So, if you’re daydreaming about a fresh start in a scenic, job-friendly spot, Dave’s got your passport to budget-friendly relocation. Ready, set, go explore!

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