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Man seeks help over his 37-year-old wife watching too many cartoons



A 37-year-old woman’s cartoon addiction has affected her marriage as her husband is not happy about it.

In an anonymous message shared by Love&Pills on Facebook, the man noted that all his kids love cartoons but his wife’s own is on another level.
He said she doesn’t act like an adult

The confused man said he couldn’t understand his wife’s obsession with animated movies.

He said it is so bad that she keeps up with cartoons when the kids are not around and updates them about what happened when they return.

“…Even when the kids aren’t around, she’ll be watching animated movies alone. Once they get home, she’s going to narrate all she watched to them and even demonstrate with actions some funny/emotional scenes,” he lamented.

He thinks something is wrong with his wife

According to the man, something must be wrong with his wife. While admitting that she has not failed in her roles as a wife and mother to his kids, he reiterated his worry that he felt she should have grown past cartoons.

He appealed for help to fix the cartoon problem. In his words:

“I feel like something is wrong, I don’t really get her sometimes”.

“She doesn’t even watch the movies I want us to watch together unless I really encourage her”.

“She acts like me not watching those their cartoons with them, I’m missing out on something great”.

“Is there something I can do to help her?”

Social media users found nothing wrong with his wife

Mercy Nyam said:

“There’s nothing wrong with that. Means you have the best kind of wife and ur kids have the coolest mom ever”.

“At least they have things they like in common and can discuss together, she will definitely have a good connection and communication with her kids.”

Nancho Mphale said:

“I can relate she is a good mother she make her house for the kids to feel comfortable I love this.”

Anna Belle said:

“Omg, what a wonderful wife you’ve got”.

“Cherish what you’ve got man, she’s Awesome.”

Nasius Mawunyo said:

“She’s making memories with her kids, you’re missing out. She’s building a strong bond with them. Join them and enjoy the moments.”

F.K. Boadi said:

“Just join the fun in the house man. If you can’t beat them join them. All things being equal, some cartoons are very nice and educative”.

“As long as it’s not affecting her work and responsibility as a wife it should be cool with you”.

“That’s also a means to be close to your kids, being part of what they love”.

” You need to compromise and fit in with them, trust me, you’ll be fine.”

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