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Herbs seller puts family before fame, cancels record attempt for daughter



Eniola Fagbemi, an herbs seller, has announced the cancellation of her forthcoming Guinness World Records attempt to cook agbo for 300 hours.
Recall on November 26, the Oyo indigene informed the public of her intent to attempt the marathon on December 1 in Ibadan.

Eniola said it was a tough decision to make

In a fresh Facebook update on Monday, December 4, Eniola explained that motherhood restricted her, adding that she has a breastfeeding baby at hand.

The 25-year-old opened up about how rehearsing for the marathon landed her baby in hospital. She shared a picture of her child whom she claims is teething. In her words:

“…Exposing her to long hours of smoke is a danger to her health, and she’s currently teething, more clingy to me”.

“Just for the past few days of me doing rehearsals for the Agbo A Thon, has landed her in the hospital because she was lacking my attention.”

She maintained that it was hard to cancel the attempt but expressed a belief that her child would be proud of her in the future for choosing her health over fame. She wrote:

“The decision for me to cancel my Agbo A Thon was a hard one, but I believe my daughter will be proud of me in the future that I choose her health first before any other thing.”

Eniola appreciated people for their support. When contacted, Eniola confirmed the development to On how her husband felt about her new decision, she said:

“My husband has been supportive.”

People showed Eniola solidarity

Olatunbosun Olayemi Joscy B said:

“Good decision dear”.

“Your children should be your number 1 priority. May God continue to strengthen you and give your daughter good strength.”

Mhiz Oluwabunkunmi Ganiu said:

“Great mother indeed”.

“Eniola Fagbemi Sisialagbo may Almighty Allah Grant her quickly recovery.”

Stephanie Amarachi said:

“That’s the best decision ma, your daughter’s safety first before fame, she will definitely be proud of you.”

Oladeji Tunde Sakiru said:

“That’s a wise decision”.

“Better opportunities will surely come your way.”

Afolabi Mewomo said:

“That’s so thoughtful of you, madam.

“May God continue to bless your hustle.”

Atinuke Christiana Folorunsho said:

“There will always be another opportunity ma’am Eniola Fagbemi Sisialagbo and you made the right decision, wishing her quick recovery.”

Olu-Adebayo Oluwaseun said:

“Take care, and know that you are making the right decision for your family. Your daughter will indeed be proud of you, and one day, she will understand the sacrifices you made for her well-being. Keep being the amazing mother that you are”.

“Sending you love and support during this time.”

Eniola excited after using aeroplane for the first time

Meanwhile, previously reported that Eniola had celebrated travelling by air for the first time.

In a Facebook post on Friday, December 1, she said it was sweet but scary.

Eniola, who hails from Oyo, shared pictures as she arrived at her destination. In a chat with, the 25-year-old revealed it cost her N140k to fly from Ibadan to Abuja. In her words:

“I paid N140k. The flight experience was sweet. They gave me snacks, biscuits and drinks. The sky was blue.”  

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