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Ghanaian mechanic sells two cars to relocate to Canada, agent dupes him, takes him to Ivory Coast



A Ghanaian man who worked as a mechanic has been dealt a big blow after his quest to leave the country for Canada in search of its greener pastures ended in regret.

the man who looked visibly sad said everything happened after his longtime friend acting as an agent, reached out to him in a Facebook post revealing that he was in Canada and wanted him to join him there because life was rosy.
In his quest for greener pastures, the unsuspecting young man, without hesitation, sold his two cars, paid three thousand Canadian dollars, equivalent to GH¢30,000, and journeyed to the Ivory Coast, where he was promised an interview that would eventually lead him to travel to his dream country.

On arrival in Ivory Coast, he got the shock of his life after he found out that his friend had scammed him.

“When I arrived there, my friend, who claimed to be in Canada, visited me after I went for the said interview in the Ivory Coast. She confessed that there was a business opportunity in the country and wanted me to join.”

“At that point, I felt very sad and told my friend that her deceit had negatively affected him.”

The young man mechanic has now returned to Ghana and is telling his story as a way to warn people about these travel scams.

At the time of writing the report, the video had gathered over 5000 likes and 500 comments.

He blamed the President, Nana Akufo-Addo and his government for the situation and called for measures to be put in place to remedy the situation.

“The country has failed the youth. The President, Nana Addo, has disappointed a lot of the youth many of whom supported and voted for him in the 2016 and 2020 elections. There’s no hope of a brighter future in Ghana anymore. That is why a lot of the youths are traveling abroad to seek green pastures”.

“It is frustrating to learn a trade, skill and not get contracts for many years. Ghanaian youths are not lazy. They are not useless. But the system is making them look lazy and useless,”

Ghanaians react to the video

Some Ghanaians who watched the video also shared their experiences on the issue of travel scams.

Fanasek music stated:

“Q-Net… Collins nearly tricked me…nso Nyame na ɛgyee me”

opambourebenezer commented:

“I’m victim hmmm, my downfall. from Libya to Ghana then to Nigeria all in the name of travelling to Canada”

L.Y added:

“bro. it’s true my classmate tried to do same to me but it doesn’t work”

Steve#strong wrote:

“a friend of mine is a victim for her they said France and ended up in Ivory Coast”

Lady in Norway says abroad is not worth the hype

“Guys, stay in Ghana”.

“Abrokyire be scam!!!” was his simple tweet but this has generated massive reactions on social media from people who agree, and others who think his opinion is completely flawed”. 

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