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Nigerian Mom’s Love Shines: Adopted Daughter’s Wedding Photos Melt Hearts



Positive reactions have trailed photos of a woman who gave out her adopted daughter in holy matrimony.

In the post made on Instagram by @ariellahealthandfitness, the woman said the girl approached her eight years ago and requested motherly care.

According to the woman, she accepted to be the girl’s mother, especially as her biological mother was late.

She enrolled the young lady in a fashion school, where she studied for two years and acquired a skill.

Now, the lady has found a good man, and the woman was too proud to answer the mother of the bride.

She narrated the story further:

“Lulu came to my home as the children’s nanny. ‘Please be my mummy. I don’t have a mum’ she said. Her mum was late. And mummy I became. Disciplinarian and all. She went to fashion school for 2 years. I set up her own fashion outfit. Now she has students. Today… I gave her over to a good man. A man who loves and values her and takes me as mummy too. Gosh!! My heart is full. My daughter is married.”

Reactions as adopted daughter gets married

@touch_1_soul said:

“This is the type of story I want to be reading. I don’t know you nor the girl, but I sincerely pray, wherever your children may be on the surface of this earth, may destiny helpers keep rising up for them. We are tired of negativity.”

@just_nonso said:

“This says a lot about the kind of woman you are. It also says a lot about the kind of woman LULU is.”

@deolajoee said:

“Weldone mama, she looks like you. May God reward you.”

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