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Mother Celebrates Incredible Transformation of Her Baby Girl Born with Abnormal Legs



A mom posted a video to share how her daughter’s legs changed. Her daughter was born with legs that were different.

Despite the condition, the child turned out great, with an amazing physical appearance that got many people inspired. The inspiring video was shared by @princessnkanyezee.

The girl’s two legs pointed upwards at the time she was born. However, the girl conquered and her legs are now normal.

Many TikTok users got curious, and they asked the baby’s mother if there was any corrective surgery, and she said there was none.

She said:

“But no operation was done.”

@sbonisokuhle lushaba said:

“The first photo really broke my heart. May God bless her.”

@zaynerb~ladern said:

“I once conducted delivery of a baby with this condition.”

@Yasmeen Rashid Manzoor said:

“God always comes through even when it looks impossible.”

@The Diva Doll said:

“She must be flexible. Does she like to do gymnastics or something.”

@Thuliswa161120 said:

“My daughter had a leg like that, but she’s okay now.”

@Aphiwe Khumalo commented:

“Indeed it God’s grace. She’s so beautiful.”

@chrissy said:

“Mine was like that too one leg though and she’s fine now. She was called the miracle baby at the hospital.”

@user6288495763615 said:

“Does it heal on its own with time or is an operation needed?”

@intombi_yakwadlamini said:

“My sister was also born like this, but now she is fine.”

@Phina Onwuso said:

“She won the challenge. God bless you mama you did great.”


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