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Man sues babymama after winning N1.1 trillion lottery jackpot



A man won a massive $1.35 billion in a super big lottery, but he doesn’t want people to know who he is. Even his baby mama and family, he told them he wants to keep it a secret.

The lucky man purchased the winning ticket at a filling station in Lebanon, Maine, and he ended up becoming a billionaire.

“He has sued his child’s mother in U.S. District Court in Portland with a complaint that she violated a nondisclosure agreement by “directly or indirectly disclosing protected subject matter” about his winnings, court papers state.” 

The winner took court action after his baby mama allegedly disclosed his identity against his wish. $1.35 billion in today’s exchange rate is more than N1.1 trillion.

The man shared his betting tickets on social media to show how he won N42.4 million and N60 million separately. His tickets sent internet users into a frenzy as people marvelled at the whopping sum he won overnight.


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