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Kanye West, wife Bianca Censori ‘taking break after friends’ intervention



Kanye West and his wife, Bianca Censori, are reportedly “taking a break” following her friends’ purported intervention.

The couple, who wed in December 2022, has been spending time apart since mid-October, according to the US Sun.

“Her family has never been a fan of Ye, and those close to her have questioned whether marrying him was the right decision,” a source told the outlet Friday.

“He is a very difficult person to be around and work for, and Bianca has been one of the most patient people ever to deal with him. She’s been all about Ye.”

The source noted that although the rapper “has been a lot happier and more focused with her around,” their relationship seems to have “taken its toll on her a bit with everyone having their opinion.”

West, 46 — who is currently holed up at a luxury complex-turned-recording studio in Saudi Arabia — is reportedly laser-focused on making new music with Ty Dollar $ign and therefore “not that worried” about the status of his marriage.

“[Censori] may go back to him for the album launch — she loves the lifestyle — but I think it’s clear her family and friends would rather she didn’t,” the source claimed, adding that the Grammy winner’s biggest concern at the moment is “finding distribution after losing so many connections due to his antisemitic remarks last year.”

Reps for West and Censori did not immediately respond to Page Six’s requests for comment.

Earlier this month, the Yeezy founder traveled to the Middle East while Censori, 28 — who works as an architect for the fashion company — visited two longtime pals in her homeland of Australia, where her Kardashian-lookalike family still lives.

“Her friends let her know exactly how they feel, and they told her that she needs to wake the f–k up,” a source told the Daily Mail earlier this week, going on to say that Censori’s loved ones were finally “able to get through to her.”

“She knows that she has shut out those close to her, and she is also starting to see through the smoky mirrors of her marriage,” the source continued, adding that she is both “aware of Kanye’s controlling ways” and “starting to see things from an outside perspective.”

In fact, Censori purportedly “chose to go home after it was made clear to her” that West would not be including her in his latest trip.

Reports have recently surfaced that her close circle has grown “extremely concerned” about her, with sources claiming that she is “stuck” because of “the blockades Kanye has put up [around her].”

The musician reportedly “has a set of rules for Bianca,” which allegedly includes “never speak,” “wear what he wants her to wear,” “eat certain food items” and “work out even though Kanye doesn’t work out.”

Initially, Censori was reportedly not “interested in talking” or listening to “anyone’s concerns for her.”

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