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Apply now: Germany simplifies work visa rules, invites Nigerians ready to relocate



Germany visa
Germany wants skilled foreign workers and has decided to ease the requirements of obtaining its EU blue card.
A European blue card is a residence permit for qualified nonEU foreign nationals to work in an EU country.
The card facilitates the admission of nonEU highly skilled professionals into the EU and accelerates the path to permanent residency as early as 21 months after relocating to Germany.
Germany adjust blue card requirements.
According to updated information published in Germany ServicePortal Berlin, four new changes have been introduced to make it easy for foreign workers to secure a visa and family reunification.
One of the changes is a substantial reduction in the annual income requirement needed to qualify for the blue card.
Local media reports that the German authority has slashed the annual average income threshold from58,400 to39,682.80 for soughtafter fields like mathematics, healthcare, and IT.
While other workers must now earn €43,800 to qualify for the Blue Card.
A complete and updated list of professions is here.
Also, fresh university graduates and IT professionals are now eligible
Furthermore, recent university graduates within the last three years and IT professionals with at least three years of experience, even without a degree, are now eligible for a blue card at a lower salary.
More changes
Another significant change is that holders of blue cards from another EU country can come to Germany for up to 90 days on workrelated trips without a visa.
In addition, those living in another EU country on a blue card for at least a year can live and work in Germany longterm without needing a visa.
How to apply for a Blue Card
To apply, complete the blue card application and submit it to the German embassy in Abuja or Lagos.
For further details on the application, check here.
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